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Imagination in Writing

  I began writing short stories in high school with encouragement from my English teachers. One took the time to read my stories and comment  on them.  My inspiration came from  the Twilight Zone. I loved the series with the clever surprise endings.  My  short stories were  inspired by the Twilight Zone. In my story, the reader thinks that there are soldiers fighting, when in reality it's children playing war.

The Twilight Zone was one source of my inspiration. Another was Star Trek.    I also became an avid fan of Star Trek  in high school.  I still am today.  Gene Roddenberry was a visionary. I like the fact that his world of the future is a positive one.  The ship is filled with people of all different races. Everyone works together for a common goal.


 During my sophomore year, I modeled for Marshall Field and Company, representing my high school on the fashion board. I received a free outfit.  It included a cranberry blouse , a white fish net sweater and a cranberry skirt and  Capezio shoes  That was exciting for a teenager. I modeled in  all of the fashion shows: the back to school show, the spring show and the bridal   dress show.  My photo ( as well as the other models) was posted in the junior clothing section of the store, i

While I wrote stories in my free time, I was still an active Girl Scout, a Mariner, in  high school. As part of the program I went to Mystic Seaport in Connecticut and lived on the Joseph Conrad, a Danish training vessel.  We sailed in dinghies off the side of the ship.


I also was an alternate for Girl Scout roundup.  We camped in Canada near Sault St. Marie. It was a good experience.


I used my travels  for the  settings of my stories.


During this time, I was also busy writing feature stories for the high school newspaper.  I wrote about subjects that interested me: found art, local rock bands.


I had my first job as a publicist covering the school dance. I appeared with the chairman on various radio talk shows.

Meanwhile I read science fiction magazines like Analog, and others. I was fortunate to meet George R.R. Martin when he visited our library with other science fiction writers. I loved his novella, "Song for Lya."    The story astounded me. I became an instant George  R,R. Martin fan.