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My beginnings as a writer

I've been a writer since I was five years old. My first work was entitled, The Easter Bunny Mystery, about two pages long. Then I began reading everything I could. I've loved reading from the moment I learned how. By the time I was ten I decided it was time to write a novel. So I formed my own publishing company with two other girls in the neighborhood, Karalee and Linda. We called ourselves "The Greenwood Trio." Sounded more like a singing group than a publishing company.


But I went ahead and wrote the first one, a Doris and Danni Kane mystery. The Mystery of Mule Hill. Then I wrote the sequel entitled: The Mystery of the Ship's Cargo. I was an avid fan of Nancy Drew. I read the whole series and loved the illustrations. So why not write my own series? I was motivated because my literary librarian mother wouldn't let me read Nancy Drew books.


I remembered that Nancy Drew was resourceful, honest and advocated justice for everyone. Not being able to read Nancy Drew books was unjust. I wouldn't let my mother stop me from reading the books I loved. So why couldn't I write my own?

Karalee Keeler. who lived across the street from us, on Greenwood Avenue in Highland Park was a budding artist. She could do the illustrations. I cut out sheets of paper and fashioned a cardboard cover for each book. The computer hadn't been transformed into what it is today. So I did everything by hand.

Both books are filled with Tom Swifties that are very funny. I reread them when I was older and laughed.  All the while, I was reading, I won the library contest for the child who read the most books during the summer. I got gold stars. My favorite books were Star Girl and Cherry Ames nurse I read a lot of history books, since my father taught American history at Highland Park High School. He graded papers at night and explained the maps of the Civil War to me. I learned about the battles and the various interpretations of the historians like Bruce Catton.


   I've been surrounded by books my whole life. I feel they are wonderful way to learn about the world. You can travel to times you never lived in and learn how other people lived. Books give you a broad view of the world and a respect for other people.

In high school, I won a writing contest at a local radio station. I wrote a humorous story about teen night clubs. I was interviewed by the DJ, George Carl on the air. Afterwards I collected my prize, a cayman. I'll never forget watching George Carl pick up the cayman with his bare hands. The reptile craned its neck and snapped at him. Since don't like reptiles, I was very unhappy about winning the alligator. I wished I had won the second prize: a record album. So I brought the cayman to school and gave it to my friend Jill Steinberg. She kept it as her pet.

Then I interviewed George Carl for a story in our school newspapers, since I was on the staff. I wrote many features for the newspaper and later became a professional journalist writing features for newspapers and magazines