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Welcome to my website



Haunted Iowa, the updated version, can be found on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobe, Apple and other sites. I followed real ghost hunters who gave me their never before published stories. My book is also filled with local folk tales and  haunted places in Iowa. 


My children's book, the Prairie Community, published by Simon & Schuster, was the first book for children about  the prairie. I researched local prairies, studying the flora and fauna and animals.


From the Audubon Society: The Prairie Community is a fast-moving book, probably appealing to 3rd to 7th graders. Each sentence creates a new picture. "The grass ocean is gone and nothing can bring it back. Ms. Vyn and Mr. Ivenbaum have made a good try."

Judith Juers, the Education Committee 


My second book published by Simon & Schuster, entitled Spring in the High Sierras,  is about the five ecological zones of  Yosemite National Park. 


From Science and Children magazine: For those who have visited  Yosemite National Park this book will bring back fond memories. For others it will offer a vicarious adventurefull of excitement, interest and wonder. 

    The story concerns two park rangers who are looking for a lost hiker. As they search in their helicopter, they introduce the reader to community of living things that dwell in the High Sierras. There are thrashers, towhees, snakes, mice, and coyotes.  Also the reader meets the lionness, the red-tailed hawk, and a golden eagle.

   The knowledge to be gained about the five life zones of the Sierras make the book worth reading.


   Muriel Green



In 2006 I won an Illinois Arts Council finalist grant in fiction for my short story. Diana Abu-Jaber, the author of Life without A Recipe, was one of the three judges.